Want A Bigger Butt? Which Butt Enhancements are right for you

How to get a Bigger Butt

How to get a Bigger butt

Want to get a Bigger Butt....read on...

So much emphasis is put on physical appearance in today’s world, which is why the cosmetic industry continues to grow. And if creams and makeup don’t give the desired effect, cosmetic surgery is available. Many women and men are turning to surgery and augmentation to change appearance flaws. One of the newer, but very popular, trends is butt enhancement. Thanks to celebrities and musicians turning attention to plump, round butts, many want to achieve the same look.  Getting a Bigger Butt  is also popular among transgendered individuals and transvestites who want to achieve a more feminine buttock.

A flat or sagging buttock just isn’t attractive. This is why many exercises focus on toning and muscle building. But there are few exercises that will change the shape of your buttock. And rounder butts are sexier and a youthful appeal. That may be the reason so many are turning to butt enhancement through buttock implant surgery; buttock augmentation using fat injection; or butt pads that can be purchased online or at a store.

Natural butt enhancement

If you are considering changes the size and shape of your butt, try exercise first. There are several exercises and weigh-lifting techniques that focus on the gluteus maximus, or butt muscle. These include lunges; squats; long-distance running; running on an incline; and running on stairs or using stair climbers.

If you don’t want to permanently change the size or shape of your butt, or can’t afford surgery, there are silicone butt pads available. These pads slide into pockets of special underwear to fill out the shape of your butt and push it upward, giving you a plump backside.

Butt enhancement by fat injection

Butt enhancement using fat injection is optimal for people who have a little fat to lose or use. The surgeon uses liposuction and removes fat cells from a spot on the body (such as the hips, thighs or stomach) and injects the cells into the butt. This is a fairly safe procedure – since the fat is coming from and going into the same person, there is no risk of the cells being rejected by the body. It also gives a more beneficial look by taking away fat in unwanted areas and distributing it in a desired area. There is less scarring with this procedure, and healing time is also less for butt enhancement with fat injection than with butt enhancement surgery.

Butt enhancement surgery

Exercises, butt pads and optical illusions aren’t enough for some who are more determined for a round butt. People with limited fat stores, who don’t have enough fat for butt enhancement using fat injection, or those who need to drastically change the shape and size of their butt, should opt for bigger butt surgery. This surgical procedure inserts implants under the buttock muscle. The surgery lasts about two hours, but recovery time can take a few months for the butt muscles to adjust to the implants for a natural look.

As with any surgical procedure, there is more to butt enhancement than injections or implants. Simply adding an implant may increase the size of the butt and change the shape, but it does little for the rest of the body. Contouring of the hips, back and stomach may be required to truly reach the ideal look.

If you are interested in butt enhancement, start with exercising and move on from there if you aren’t getting the results desired, or if you lack the fat stores to achieve the perfect round butt.

FInal Note, There are so many ways to change your appearance with butt enhancements.

Bigger Butts based on Female Body shape

female body shapesThe female body shape is comprised of various factors namely her skeletal structure, and quantity and distribution of Fat and Muscle tissue.  Depending on the different cultures, different body types are preferred and seen as ideal. But one thing that remains the same across all cultures,  is that sexual attraction, reproduction and fertility, are directly linked to a body shape.

The general female body comes in a range of different shapes. Basically the typical body is narrower in the waist area then at the bust or hips area. There are four basic different shapes, banana, apple, pear, and hourglass.  These different shapes are measured at the three different points called inflection points.  The circumference ratio is measured at the bust, waist and hips.

The Bust is measured across the widest part of a woman’s breast, the waist is measured at the abdomen, and the hips are measured at the hips and buttocks area.

The Female Body Shape is classified into 4 different general shapes. Regardless of fat percentage, weight or width, there are quite wide ranges of actual sizes within each shape.

Apple (triangle downward)

Apple shaped women have broader shoulder and have generally narrower hips. Apple shaped women can have slim legs/thighs, while the abdomen and chest look out of proportion compared with the rest of the body. With this body type fat is usually distributed around the abdomen, chest and face.

Banana or Straight (rectangular)

The waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hips or breast circumference. Body fat is distributed very evenly all over the body.  That means areas like abdomen, buttocks, chest, and face receive the same quantity giving the body shape this straight ruler shape.hour-glass-figure

The hip measurement is greater than the bust measurement The distribution of fat tissue, with the majority of fat deposit in the buttocks, hips and thighs first. The women of this body type tend to have a larger rear, thick and very robust thighs, and generally a relatively small breasts.

Hourglass Shape (triangles opposing facing in)

The hips and the bust area are of equal size with a narrow waist. Body fat is equally distributed around both the upper and lower body. This body type generally builds fat on the arms, chest, hips and buttocks, before other parts, such as the waist and abdomen.

Studies in North American have shown that women in the US in 2005 that 46%percent women had the banana(rectangular) shape, approximately 20% had the pear shape, under 14% had the apple shape, and about 8% had the hourglass shape.

A woman’s sex hormone levels will affect the fat distribution on her body. According to Dr. Devendra Singh, “Body shape is determined by the nature of body fat distribution that, in turn, is significantly correlated with women’s sex hormone profile, risk for disease, and reproductive capability. Concentrations of estrogen will influence where body fat is stored. For Bigger Butt Products visit our store.

Can a Bigger Butt Reduce Diabetes

Some extra Junk in the trunk sound like good news….it is.  Bigger Butt Bonanza!  Read on. We have been told that being overweight is a bad thing. Which is true, having too much belly fat can put a person at risk for getting type 2 diabetes.  Let us first explain what is type 2 diabetes.  People with type 2 diabetes can still produce insulin. But the insulin that they produce is not able to perform as well as someone without diabetes. The primary job of insulin in the body is to help the body’s cells use glucose for energy.  About 90 to 95 bigger-butt-bootypercent of all diabetes cases  in the North America are type 2, at one time it was limited to only adults, but now an increasing number of young adults( teenagers) are developing this. It is said that is due to the rise of obesity and sedentary lifestyles.

Who would think that having a bigger butt would be a weapon against this disease.  Believe it or not, this information stems from a reputable source the internationally renowned researchers at Harvard Medical School, and as well the Joslin Diabetes Center.  These medical institutes report that body fat found just below the skin, particularly on the buttocks, hips and thighs help reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

Now this research is still in it’s infancy they have never tested it out on humans yet. So  far only on mice to be exact. What the researchers did was take the subcutaneous fat (fat that is stored right under the skin on humans, particularly on females butts, hips, and thighs ), transplanted it to the mice’s abdominal area. What they detected was a drop in body weight, fat mass and blood sugar levels in the mice who  were in this procedure.  The second ground breaking news was that the mice became much more responsive to insulin.  This is very good because usually when a body responds poorly to insulin, is a sign that it is developing diabetes.  As a comparison, when they moved belly fat to other parts of the body it had no effect whatsoever.   The researchers were able to determine that it was the type of fat that was important, namely the subcutaneous fat as opposed to the abdominal fat which was having no effect, was producing very positive effects.

The researchers at Harvard are stil doing more research and hope to create a drug that has this same effect.

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