Vida Guerra Cuban Booty Beauty

A Cuban born American actress, singer and model Vida Guerra has made a mark in the entertainment industry. This popularity is not only because of her talent but also for one of her assets – her butt. She has twice received FHM’s “Best Butt Award” because of her curvy rear.

Vida was born in Havana, Cuba and then moved to New Jersey, America six years after she was born. She appeared in a number of music videos and attended fashion shows that modeled swim wear while she was growing up.

Vida’s first appearance that was notable was in 2002 in the U.S. edition of FHM magazine for a lingerie spread. As soon as she was published in the magazine, mails poured in from innumerable readers demanding more photos of Vida. As a consequence, she was called back for a photo shoot again and was named “Model of the Year” for FHM magazine in 2004.

Vida became more successful when she danced in Dave Chappelle’s show on comedy central. In 2003, a rap song dance for “Shake Ya Tail feather” also became a summer hit.

Guerra was also named as one of the FHM’s top 100 sexiest females. Her fame is mainly because of her greatest asset – her sexy butt. She received the best butt award of FHM because of it and she knows how to flaunt it. Guerra and women like her have changed the perception of the American society especially men on how to define beauty and what is sexy. The image of skinny models has been restored with voluptuous, curvy models and females in the media.

Vida was also in the highlights when she had a love relationship with the notable player of the rugby team New York Giants – Jeremy Shockey. The relationship, unfortunately, didn’t last long.

Skinny models had governed the media for a long time. But with diseases like anorexia coming into light, many women have abhorred the idea of dieting (rather starving) and cutting down on the pounds. This image is now almost restored in the American media thanks to women like Vida Guerra, who have the curves and are eager to flaunt them daringly.

Vida has produced her own swimsuits calendar and accompanying DVD for behind the scenes. She has also appeared in some music videos displaying her big booty. Thanks to Vida many women have considered getting their backsides pumped up. There are many videos for how to put on weight in just the right places so that you can get a hot booty. Many women also consider doing buttock surgery for enhancing their butts. Some prefer the safer side – using padded undergarments.

But life has not been always this good for Vida. She was constantly teased in school because of her being very skinny with a large derriere. She never imagined becoming a super model because of her big rump. Her annoyance turned into her biggest asset which has brought her great fame and popularity to this day.

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