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When you have an unusual body shape with more curvy hips or buttocks, it is hard to find causal and formal wear and be fashionable at the same time. This is true for many African-American women and Latinas. Do not fret as many shops now sell both formal and informal dresses to fit such ladies.  Some women who are not of the Latina American or African-American descent also have a desire of acquiring curvy hips and derriere. These shops also offer dresses that have been specially designed to enhance some body parts so that you get the desired effect that you want.

One of the shops that sell such dresses is the “Telegaleria”. It is an online shop that sells a wide variety of dress, both formal and informal, plus a large variety of apparel that will enhance body parts like the butts and also give you a perfectly shaped figure with some of their body shapers outfits.

Telegaleria offers designs that are not of the famous brands, but they have their own designers that bring to you some unique designs for each and every individual according to their needs. Telegaleria offers a wide range of formal wear – maxis and dresses. Dresses are specially designed for women who have love handles so that the figure can be shaped after wearing the dress.

A wide range of jeans are also available on Telegaleria. Butt lift jeans and Brazilian jeans are very popular among customers. Butt lift jeans are specially designed to lift the buttocks to give an impression of a large derriere and a flattened tummy. The jeans are made with 2% spandex and 98% denim cotton so that they are very comfortable while wearing. Brazilian jeans are made out of Brazilian cotton that is famed for its thread quality. These jeans also give the impression of rounded buttocks and slim tummy.

Another online store, “Make your own jeans”, allows you to custom make your jeans. You can send the store your specifications including the material that you want your jeans to be made in and also the measurements that you want and they can be shipped to your home anywhere in the world. This online store gives the liberty to women with a curvy body to easily make jeans that are fashionable as well as the perfect fit. Women who have a large backside often have problem finding jeans that will fit perfectly and will also be fashionable. Online stores like Telegaleria and “Make you own jeans” allow you to dress fashionably and smartly while having the figure of your dreams.

Telegaleria offers one more option to online shoppers – the body shapers. Body shapers are basically apparels that will focus on one part of the body and will either enhance it or make it less visible according to your desire. Some popular body shapers include the “Instant tummy tuck” and the “Lipo suit”. Instant tummy tuck is designed in such a way that your tummy will be instantly flattened when wearing it. The lipo suit will decrease your size easily 2-3 dress sizes. There are also other options that you can consider according to your needs.

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