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Sarah Hubinger and her Backyard Tales

Sarah Hubinger lived in a small town in Germany. Being a teenager, she faced not the usual teenage problems like fighting acne and weight gain but the problem that her buttocks were larger then other girls. She spent her life hiding her rear from the public. The world changed for Sarah when she reached Chicago, America for her studies. She noticed people especially men staring at her butt – not in disapproval but in appreciation. She was surprised but very pleased when she got compliments for being curvy. Here was a crowd who considered her butt as an asset which was very unlike her hometown crowd in Europe where the perception of being sexy is a bit different.sarah-hubinger - big butt

When Sarah was living in Germany she often thought of having a liposuction surgery to reduce the size of her butt. She used to cover her backside by layering it in sweaters so that the attention could be diverted away from her big butt. When she came to America and got such nice compliments and catcalls from men and even some women she thought of penning down her experiences with having a big rear end. She wanted to pen down how the Americans felt about big butts and their obsession with them.

Sarah took interviews from girls who had bigger butts, a nutritionist who tells what food to take for getting a big backside, a plastic surgeon who performs buttock enhancement surgeries and booty-loving men. All these were compiled in a book with her personal experiences – Jiggles: Backyard Tales. She had penned down some of the funnbria-mylesy comments and compliments she got from guys in her first year at Chicago. Her friend and she joked about writing a book about these and the idea was finally implemented.

Sarah didn’t have much money for writing the book so she was helped by her mother in Germany and she also took loans from an agency in New York that helps women entrepreneurs. She also added a 30-minute DVD with her book in which she is interviewing people and an experiment with her showing off her booty and the comments and stares she gets being video-taped. The book is funny and sexy at the same time and gives a deep insight into what men think about the backside of a woman and how much it is appreciated with a bit of extra flesh on it.

Sarah is a radio-reporter and a producer by trade and these skills helped her in self-publishing her book. She got her interviewing skills by being a reporter as well. Sarah Hubinger is one of those women who are proud of possessing a big booty and encourages other women to do so as well. She is an expert in this subject and is called a “bootieologist”. She discusses the benefits of how a bigger backside can actually help you in not getting diabetic. She also discusses how you can achieve the look by using padded undergarments, plastic surgery, or the right exercises and eating the right kind of foods.

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