Get a Bigger Butt with Silicone Implants

Some women might simply say that they want a rounder rear end while others may want hips that are firm and toned, but in most simple terms what all these want are bigger butts that look more appealing and sexy. We have seen various trends emerging and one of the most “in” trends these days is to have hips that are big and bulging out.bigger-butt-after-surgery Women are going crazy about bigger butts, as they were crazy about breast enlargement. The simplest way of making your butts look sexy is by wearing panties that have pads attached to it. The advent of cosmetic surgery has left pad bras and panties for only those who cannot afford to have the real feel and look of a bigger butt. Silicone implants are the latest cosmetic surgery that is being undertaken to make butts bigger and firmer looking.

It is an established fact that men are also more attracted to women with a bigger bust and booty, and hence it makes silicone implants inevitable for those who seek to gain attention of the opposite sex and wish to be called sexy and sensual. Silicone implants have been popular since 1990’s as they were initially used for breast enlargement and people actually achieved great results from it. But later on there were a lot of allegations made of these implants and were banned throughout USA, however in the year 2006 the ban was lifted as nothing could be proved against them.

Surely, silicone implants have amazing results that we will talk about, but these implants are not recommended for women under the age of 22, as there are high chances of developing infection.

  • Silicone implants are lightweight and hence even after surgery you feel real and natural, also there are less chances of feeling uncomfortable because of the implants. The thickness of these silicone pads lies between 0.75 to 1.25 inches.
  • Silicone implants in the buttocks is an expensive surgical procedure, but you can attain exactly the measurement that you wish your butts should be.
  • After the implant is done, you are no more required to wear padded panties, and you may walk around on  the beach in your tiniest bikini and expose your bigger and fuller butt. silicone-buttock-implant

Silicone implants surgery is a painful procedure and the patients are usually not allowed to sit or lie on butt for around 2 weeks, but after the recovery period, you  will enjoy life more because you attract more men with your sexy looking behind.  After the silicone implants  surgery your body will be as bootylicious and curvaceous as you have always wished to be.  All those who used to make fun of your flat buttocks will envy you, for having that sexy round booty and the overall great look. Therefore, the money and pain to undergo surgery is actually worth it as it will not only make your appearance more sexy and vivacious looking but will also enhance your confidence level.

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