Celebrity Women with Bigger Butts – Part 1

Hollywood shapes most of the fashions and trends that are followed by men and women worldwide. Not only the way the celebrities dress but also the way they maintain their weights and figures are religiously followed by fashion enthusiasts and die-hard fans around the world. Since the last decade the attention from skinny, thin models has been diverted to more voluptuous women. There has been a increased demand for bigger butts because of a few very popular celebrities.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have made a completely new image of how men especially in North America perceive and want their woman to be – not the skinny models we used to see but a curvy, voluptuous, attractive woman. The curviness is especially liked and appreciated in the rear end. Fashion has been accordingly molded. We see more low-waisted and form fitting tight jeans for women with a bigger buttocks that like to show them off also it looks alluring and very eye-catching.

Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo as she is popularly known, is the pioneer in setting up a trend for a large booty. Hispanics and African-Americans have a natural tendency for having a large behind. It is also much appreciated and is very appealing for men in their cultures. Caucasians are not so welcoming in the idea of large buttocks, but with the advent of African-Americans, Latina and Hispanic celebrities in Hollywood the opinion has drastically changed. And thanks to J-Lo, the trend of seeing some big buttock women on the red carpet has been firmly set.

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, record player, television producer and a fashion designer. J-Lo has Hispanic roots. She is also the judge on American Idol and shares her music knowledge to others. Because of such a dynamic personality J-Lo has influenced the masses in North America deeply and we can see many actresses, models and other celebrities trying to show off their curviness especially at buttocks level.

Lopez has launched her own clothing line named as J-Lo and also an accessory line. She is a true trend and fashion setter and many of new designs come in fashion magazines and are followed by innumerable fans.

Kim Kardashian is another celebrity that is highly appreciated and well loved by many fans especially men for her big rump. She has also been the main subject in rumors that she has had butt implants but Kim rejected all rumors and has asserted that her booty is 100% natural. She is a Hollywood socialite and a star of the hit TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Kim’s father is very powerful attorney in California and has many connections. She is not recognized because of her father only. She has been prominent in the last decade as one of the most gorgeous and stunning women. She also does acting and modeling and is a recording artist.

Kim along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney released a jewelry line. This just goes to show on how much she has become a fashion symbol in today’s world. Having a healthy voluptuous body is more important to her and many other women , than having a body that has been under-nourished  and is similar to the fashion models of previous years.

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