Weight Gain Calculator

Determine the amount of daily Calories and grams of food required to bulk up, build muscle, and gain weight. Uses age, gender, weight, height, daily activity to accurately assess your daily Calorie requirements.

Age:  Years

Current weight: 
Height:  Feet   Inches
Activity:  Based on 3 weight training sessions per week and little or no cardio
Meals per day:  Five    
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  * Required only if you are naturally very lean and have a hard time putting on any weight.

*Saturated fats should make up only 1/3 of this amount.

How Do I Use This Calculator?

The Weight Gainer Calculator is for people who want to increase body weight (bulk up or bulking). An effective weight training program is absolutely essential (otherwise all calorie excess will be stored as fat)

The calculator is a start point for weight gain - because of our unique makeup we all respond differently. The "Calorie Boost" option is there for those who have real trouble gaining any sort of weight (the kind of people that can eat anything but never gain).

Due to the large amounts of food needed, meals must be divided into 5 or 6 per day. If you are really trying to gain then keep cardio exercise to a minimum (perhaps 2 low-intensity walks per week).

How Many Calories Should I Eat?

Gaining weight requires a calorie excess. Depending on your current metabolic rate, activity levels (and other factors including hormones), this amount will vary from person to person.

Begin with this amount and monitor your weight week-by-week. If you are not gaining, then you will need to boost your food intake until you see gains.

As you gain weight, you will need to re-calculate your calorie needs as a high weight means more calories are burned every day!

Gaining Muscle

Weight gain comes from three sources; fat, muscle, or water. The kind of weight that is gained depends on; kind of exercise performed, macro-nutrient levels, and your genes. Only the genetically superior will gain pure muscle mass without any fat (and often this can occur with weight training beginners - called "beginner gains").

The average person will gain fat alongside muscle - this can often only be monitored by measuring body fat percentage against weight.

How is This Calculated?

All calculators only serve as a guideline or starting point. This weight gainer will estimate your current daily maintenance level and add a percentage of calories to the total.


Last Updated 16 June 2011