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The trend for buttock enhancement is still increasingly popular, especially concerning women. But also men are interested. Certainly the times have changed, since the past. It wasn’t long ago when having a big butt made women feel unattractive, undesirable, and even a bit ashamed.  The new trend that has developed over the last couple of years is that more and more women want to have a larger and shapelier behind because it makes them look and feel more sexually desirable, especially to the male sex.

A womans genes and ethnic background plays a large role in the shape and size of her buttocks, but that does not mean you actually can’t reshape or enlarge the butt. Now there are two different schools of thought. Some women are contemplating surgery treatment to enhance and shape the butt, and there is the other group which prefers to do things naturally. The problem with surgery it can be painful  at the sametime it can be risky as well, and most of all it can be really quite expensive.  But of course the pros of having surgery is that the results are instant. Butt injections are another method that is not as involving as surgery and more cost effective.  You can view the Spanish Butt Injections video on our movie page to see the how that works.

Our site is mostly focused on natural methods to enhance and redesign the buttocks without having to use  surgery.  There are natural supplements you can take which are available in our store that will aid and speed up the process.

As described in more details on this site the most effective strategy for getting the buttocks bigger is with certain exercises.  The different exercises required to increase butt size are described in proper detail in the ebook and there are videos as well to aid the viewer. The most obvious of all the exercises, is the basic squat which directly targets the muscles  in your buttocks. This one is very effective. But we also like to work in some cardio vascular exercises as well.  To help slim down areas that do not need extra weight.

Do not think that getting a bigger butt has anything to do with losing weight though, it is generally the contrary, women and men that strive to get larger buttocks, should be gaining weight. The gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body and it requires a lot of protein to grow bigger. So you will definitely have to feed it, to grow it. Again this site focuses on healthy food not junk food.  Check our weight calculators to see how much calories you need to eat to gain sufficient weight based on your size, age and gender.

What was once all the rage to get bigger breasts has now been replaced with getting a bigger butt.  There are two reasons. One to get a bigger butt is fairly easy to do, all it requires is some discipline in the form of regular exercises, and an increased appetite.  This is something that is achievable by most people. Since most people really do like to eat.  Secondly the media has bombarded us with those beautiful female celebrities with bigger butts.

So take a good look at the rest of this blog and view some of the products in our bigger butt store and have fun working on your bigger butt. If you have anymore questions feel free to contact us at anytime.

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