Best way to Burn Belly Fat with Cardio exercises.

Many people are confused, and think that you can get a flat stomach, but only doing abdominal exercises. This unfortunately is not the case for the majority of people out there. Certain people that have very high metabolism maybe able to just do sit ups to flatten their stomach. These type of people are very rare. In this article, we will discuss some methods to help you flatten your stomach. This can be easily achieved, through a combination of abs strengthening exercises, a healthy diet, and cardiovascular exercises.lose-belly-fat

Now the one question, that we get a lot from our Bigger Butt customers, is do I really need to do cardio workouts to lose fat on my stomach. The unfortunate answer to this case is yes. If you eat healthy and do abdominal exercises, this will help to harden the muscles underneath the fatty tissue, around your midriffs or stomach area. The muscles may be hard and toned, but they are hidden under a thick layer of fat. In some cases if you do too much abs workouts only, your muscles might increase in size, and your belly might stand out even further. If you do crunches alone, you will burn insufficient calories, to cause you to lose fatty tissue. The only way to get your toned stomach muscles seen, is if you include cardio with your exercises, which in turn will cause you to lose weight all over your body.

Now let me explain a little bit further, the mistake that many people make. You cannot target a single area to lose fat in. When you lose body fat, it disappears evenly from your entire body. You have to try to understand, that fatty tissue is like a reservoir. To control fat distribution on specific areas of the body is very difficult to do, other then with hormonal balancers, and enhancer pills and creams. Regardless of what type of cardio exercise you do, you want to maintain at least 20 min. at a reasonable pace, where your heart is beating faster and your breathing quicker.

If you can’t afford a gym membership or don’t have time to go to the gym here is a short list of different exercises you can do in your home:

  • Jogging, running on the spot, or perhaps a treadmill, the only thing we recommend escape a pair of running shoes, and perhaps headphones or watch TV, while doing the exercise, so that the mind is busy and doesn’t grow bored.
  • Squats and Jumps, this is perhaps not the most practical exercises depending on how high your ceilings are. And also do not attempt of you have a bad back or bad knees. Basically you go down into a squat, and your rising up and jump up as high as you can, while bringing your knees you chest. Like I said, this might not be the most practical exercise especially if you have someone living beneath your apartment or floor.
  • Stair climbing, to do this exercise simply find a set of stairs or footstool. Then jump up quickly on 1 foot at a time alternating feet, this will burn through a large amount of calories very quickly.

To sum things up, it does not matter what exercise you do, find one you like doing, and do it vigorously for a period of 20 min. perhaps three times a week. The main thing, is that it has to get your heart rate pumping faster. If you like walking, then do that instead, but walk fast enough that you can feel your breath moving quicker, and your body perspiring that is the only way to truly get rid of belly fat fast

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