Best Jeans to Make your Butt Bigger

Wear the right jeans to make your butt bigger.

Can’t find the right jeans to make your butt  bigger. Well then why not make them from scratch yourself.  Enter! Custom made jeans at an affordable price. I should start out by saying that I decided to buy custom jeans because LB no longer carried my favourite ones.  I am from Europe and here it is more customary to get custom made clothing then in America. Most of all if you need them tweaked to find a tailor that does not charge an arm and a leg is rare.

When I first found out about make your own jeans I was sceptical, so after doing research which turned out to be quite bigger-butt-jeanspositive, decided to order a pair. From reading the reviews, it was also clear that the first pair of jeans rarely fit perfectly that some of them needed a little tweaking of any next order made.  I also see that many people placed more than one order so that was a good sign.

So I finally decided to go ahead and ordered the stone washed Brazillian jeans.  Which is an add on btw the way just that you know if want to get a pair for yourself.  So I  got the 12oz scrape washed denim stretch jeans and then added on the women’s  Brazilian style #135 to the jeans.  Because the jeans are custom, the initial jeans models for men and women are the same.  The photos just give you an idea how the fabric looks.  Any of the hundreds of styles can be tweaked to exactly the way you want it.  You can go for high waist jeans, to mid rise, to low rise, with regular pockets, zipper or button fly,  etc..

Anyway back to my experience, the jeans arrived after exactly 15 days. Which I think is not bad bigger-butt-jeans-frontconsidering they had to be made first to my specifications.  Now the important thing is the fit. I slid into them comfortably enough the stretchy denim material was snug across my hips and thighs, they fit nice and tightly over my butt as well, exactly the way I wanted. The top part was done perfect.   But alas like the other reviews there was need for tweaking. In the lengths.  The jeans were for some reason a tad bit long, by about 1.5 inches or about 4 cm too long.  I contacted them via their contact form and got a response from them in about 24 hours, and they informed that they always make them a bit longer because of initial shrinkage after  first time wash .  They advised me to wash them once and try them again,  which I then did. With a rather satisfactory result I might add.  They did shrink just enough so that if I wear any kind of heel  at all they are just perfect.

Go check them out here is a short video of their company below, and beneath  that you will find a link to go check them out yourself.

Custom Made Jeans for your Bigger Butt

Get Your Custom Made Bigger Butt Jeans Here

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