Beautiful Bigger Butt Celebrity Women

What is the definition of being beautiful mean. Is it a size 6? It is quite common nowadays for a lot of young women to develop eating disorders  between the ages of 11 and 13. Studies have shown that 80% of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 are unsatisfied with their weight, and have already been at least once on a diet.  Unnatural ideas of beauty bombard teenagers, unfortunately once again the media is to blame.  They need to be told that they don’t need to be as thin as pretzels sticks to be considered sexy or beautiful. In this post we showcase some Celebrities that are “Plus Sized” and considered beautiful, and area also confident about their bigger size.

Queen Latifah born Dana Owens, her muslim cousin gave her the name “Latifah” when she was eight which in Arabic means the “gentle” or “delicate” one. Queen Latifah was the one of the first famous female rappers. Her third album Black Reign ws the first album by a female Rapper to go gold. Which was a huge breakthrough for  the time. Latifah also appeared in other media, shows like sitcoms, and she even had her own talk show.  She appeared on “Jungle Fever”,  “House Party 2”, and “Juice”, as well as the TV hit series “The Fresh Prince of Belair”.

Christina Schmidt is a 22 year old, plus sized model and Canadian Actress who gets annoyed when seeing other full figured girls like her, bringing themselves down. She is very confident about herself.  Christina thinks that life is too short to be unhappy about yourself. The constant whining of women when they say that they are too fat drives her crazy.  She thinks that every single person has something beautiful about them regardless if they are skinny or plus size.

Toccara Elaine Jones is an American plus sized fashion model. She is a model for Ashley Stewart, New York and Company, Target, Essence magazine, Vibe Magazine, King Magazine and as well Smooth Magazine.   Toccara Jones was born in Dayton Ohio. She has been a contestant on the third season of the UPN series Americas next top Model.  Toccara is bold and beautiful and very confident about herself.  

Crystal Renn is another famous plus sized American model that has changed the world of plus sized modeling. She and Johanna Dray were some of the first names in the plus sized or bigger built women fashion industry.  She even wrote a book titled ” Hungry” detailing her many year struggle with anorexia.  She soon conquered the eating disorder, and soon after gained some 70 plus pounds. Which made her even more famous.  From that point in her life she has been preaching self acceptance to women of any size.   Although of late she has lost weight again,  she says her weight is a comfortable size 8. Some of her plus sized admirer fans have criticized her because she used to be a size 12 which was still relatively small for “plus size standards “ of size 14 and above.  

 Jill Scott is a famous American Singer and Song writer. She was born as an only child in North Philadelphia neighbourhood. Jill was raised by her mother Joyce and her grandmother. Her first aspirations in life was to be an English Teacher, but with time she lost interest. She soon embarked on a in the music industry. Jill Scott voice has managed to infuse jazz, r&b, spoken word and hip hop and many other genres to a certain and quite distanct style which has enthralled fans all over the world.

 This concludes this brief article about confident voluptuous women . There are of course many more then just the ones mentioned.  Just a to name a few. The Kardashians sisters, Oprah, Johanna Dray, Charlotte Coyle, Maggie Yumi Brown, Monif C,  Mica Paris, Coco.  Be happy with who you are, beauty is not just on the outside, but on the inside as well!

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