Body Weight information Calculators

This is a short follow up post on how to use the weight calculators on the site. Below you will find a brief instructional manual on how to use the Body Weight Calculators. women weight gain

Weight Gain Calculator:

This calculator will help you figure out how much food you need to eat measured in calories to gain more weight.  You need to know and input your age, gender, current weight, height, and if you have a very high metabolism. (then select the “calorie booster” proportional to your weight and height calories will be added to fight the high metabolism) The calculator will show you results based on 5 or 6 meals a day.

Weight Loss Calculator:

This calculator works the opposite way as the previous one. This calculator will help you to determine how many calories daily you are allowed to consume to lose weight. You will need to know and input age, body weight, height, gender, how many times you exerciweight-loss-picturese a week.  After you have entered all the data and clicked select, three values will be output under results.

Maintenance:  (your body stays the same weight at that level of calorie consumption)
Fat Loss: (Your body will lose weight at that level of calorie consumption)
Extreme: (Your body will lose weight extremely fast at this level of calorie consumption)

Waist to Hip Ratio  Calculator:

Generally this calculator will give you a numerical value of your waist to hip ratio. You have to measure yourself with an inches measuring tape in two places.  Standing in front of a mirror works best, measure yourself around at the narrowest point, and around the widest  point as well. This may not be very useful but it maybe help you to figure out a which areas you want to target with weight gain waist-to hip-ratioor loss  to get that ideal figure that you want.  Generally women should have a waist to hip ratio of approximately 0.8 and men should be approximately 1.0.  There is another post on this site which explains body types a bit better  here…..   

Body Mass Index Calculator:

The body mass index calculator is basically a very faulty index and does not apply well to Europeans , North Americans, Africans. There is no video for that because it is self explanatory just put in your weight and your height and it will output a number. If the number is between 25 to 30 then you are overweight. Over 30 then you are obese, Under 25 ideal weight. This formula does not take into consideration large bone structure,  muscle mass. BMI does show the difference between fat or muscle, so basically the reading are nearly worthless.Calories couting

Calories Burned Calculator:

This calculator will show you how many calories you can burn by doing these exercises below. You have to know and input your weight and how many minutes of exercises you want to do, or how many calories you want to burn, click calculate. At the bottom of the screen you will have a random selection of 50 popular exercises which you could possibly do, with a number beside it. Depending on what you chose to do earlier, it will display the opposite one. Either minutes or calories.

Maca Recipes for Bigger Butt

Sometimes you are really tired and exhausted, and you need something to get your body back in gear. There is no better food to do that then Maca. With Maca you can achieve more energy and much greater physical strength. There are many way to consume Maca either fresh or cooked, which is my personal favourite. In Peru, Maca is eaten after boiling in water or milk. If you boil it in milk, you will havblueberry-maca-drinke something similar to a very rich oatmeal porridge. As we all know there is nothing that provides energy like porridge. If you are looking for a beverage and prefer to get results drinking Maca then you can toast and grind raw maca and prepare yourself a “Maca Coffee”. Or even nicer you can make yourself a nice “Maca Tea” by adding some herbal tea to hot water or soya milk, 1 tsp of Maca Powder, 1 or 2 tsp of honey depending on how much sweetener you like. Sit back and enjoy that energy booster!

Maca root straight out of the ground has a strong and peculiar taste, which many people will find displeasing. So save for Peruvians the Maca that you can buy in this store and around the internet has been specially prepared to make it more tasty. Maca comes in three varieties primarily in raw powder, or Gelatinized powder, or in capsule form. You will find all three forms in our Bigger Butt Products store and many health food stores around the internet.

Maca works the best as an additive to almost anything. It can be mixed with fruit juice, it can be put into a smoothie, a protein powder, or it can be consumed as well in between meals. If you want to use it to gain a bigger butt we recommend you take a decent portion before and even more importantly after your workout. By the way if you are headed to the gym a great Gym drink consists of Ginseng, Maca, Guarana, Spirulina, Mango, Soya, Ice all mixed together in a blender.

One of the downfalls of cooking Maca it destroys some of the valuable nutrients. So what we recommend is to add Maca at the end of the cooling process. That way you will still get a very nutritious result.

Just before we go we leave you with one very delicious breakfast booster recipe.

Serving for 1 person :
Ingredients: 1 spoon of Maca, 1 banana, 2 spoons of Muesli, and handful of strawberries, 3 to 4 tblsp of honey, ½ – 1 cup of almond milk or natural yogurt.

Mix and blend all of the ingredients above till smooth. Sit back for a moment and enjoy the yummy Maca smoothie breakfast to go!

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