Beautiful Bigger Butt Celebrity Women

What is the definition of being beautiful mean. Is it a size 6? It is quite common nowadays for a lot of young women to develop eating disorders  between the ages of 11 and 13. Studies have shown that 80% of teens between the ages of 13 and 19 are unsatisfied with their weight, and have already been at least once on a diet.  Unnatural ideas of beauty bombard teenagers, unfortunately once again the media is to blame.  They need to be told that they don’t need to be as thin as pretzels sticks to be considered sexy or beautiful. In this post we showcase some Celebrities that are “Plus Sized” and considered beautiful, and area also confident about their bigger size.

Queen Latifah born Dana Owens, her muslim cousin gave her the name “Latifah” when she was eight which in Arabic means the “gentle” or “delicate” one. Queen Latifah was the one of the first famous female rappers. Her third album Black Reign ws the first album by a female Rapper to go gold. Which was a huge breakthrough for  the time. Latifah also appeared in other media, shows like sitcoms, and she even had her own talk show.  She appeared on “Jungle Fever”,  “House Party 2”, and “Juice”, as well as the TV hit series “The Fresh Prince of Belair”.

Christina Schmidt is a 22 year old, plus sized model and Canadian Actress who gets annoyed when seeing other full figured girls like her, bringing themselves down. She is very confident about herself.  Christina thinks that life is too short to be unhappy about yourself. The constant whining of women when they say that they are too fat drives her crazy.  She thinks that every single person has something beautiful about them regardless if they are skinny or plus size.

Toccara Elaine Jones is an American plus sized fashion model. She is a model for Ashley Stewart, New York and Company, Target, Essence magazine, Vibe Magazine, King Magazine and as well Smooth Magazine.   Toccara Jones was born in Dayton Ohio. She has been a contestant on the third season of the UPN series Americas next top Model.  Toccara is bold and beautiful and very confident about herself.  

Crystal Renn is another famous plus sized American model that has changed the world of plus sized modeling. She and Johanna Dray were some of the first names in the plus sized or bigger built women fashion industry.  She even wrote a book titled ” Hungry” detailing her many year struggle with anorexia.  She soon conquered the eating disorder, and soon after gained some 70 plus pounds. Which made her even more famous.  From that point in her life she has been preaching self acceptance to women of any size.   Although of late she has lost weight again,  she says her weight is a comfortable size 8. Some of her plus sized admirer fans have criticized her because she used to be a size 12 which was still relatively small for “plus size standards “ of size 14 and above.  

 Jill Scott is a famous American Singer and Song writer. She was born as an only child in North Philadelphia neighbourhood. Jill was raised by her mother Joyce and her grandmother. Her first aspirations in life was to be an English Teacher, but with time she lost interest. She soon embarked on a in the music industry. Jill Scott voice has managed to infuse jazz, r&b, spoken word and hip hop and many other genres to a certain and quite distanct style which has enthralled fans all over the world.

 This concludes this brief article about confident voluptuous women . There are of course many more then just the ones mentioned.  Just a to name a few. The Kardashians sisters, Oprah, Johanna Dray, Charlotte Coyle, Maggie Yumi Brown, Monif C,  Mica Paris, Coco.  Be happy with who you are, beauty is not just on the outside, but on the inside as well!

Custom Clothing Fashion Trends

When you have an unusual body shape with more curvy hips or buttocks, it is hard to find causal and formal wear and be fashionable at the same time. This is true for many African-American women and Latinas. Do not fret as many shops now sell both formal and informal dresses to fit such ladies.  Some women who are not of the Latina American or African-American descent also have a desire of acquiring curvy hips and derriere. These shops also offer dresses that have been specially designed to enhance some body parts so that you get the desired effect that you want.

One of the shops that sell such dresses is the “Telegaleria”. It is an online shop that sells a wide variety of dress, both formal and informal, plus a large variety of apparel that will enhance body parts like the butts and also give you a perfectly shaped figure with some of their body shapers outfits.

Telegaleria offers designs that are not of the famous brands, but they have their own designers that bring to you some unique designs for each and every individual according to their needs. Telegaleria offers a wide range of formal wear – maxis and dresses. Dresses are specially designed for women who have love handles so that the figure can be shaped after wearing the dress.

A wide range of jeans are also available on Telegaleria. Butt lift jeans and Brazilian jeans are very popular among customers. Butt lift jeans are specially designed to lift the buttocks to give an impression of a large derriere and a flattened tummy. The jeans are made with 2% spandex and 98% denim cotton so that they are very comfortable while wearing. Brazilian jeans are made out of Brazilian cotton that is famed for its thread quality. These jeans also give the impression of rounded buttocks and slim tummy.

Another online store, “Make your own jeans”, allows you to custom make your jeans. You can send the store your specifications including the material that you want your jeans to be made in and also the measurements that you want and they can be shipped to your home anywhere in the world. This online store gives the liberty to women with a curvy body to easily make jeans that are fashionable as well as the perfect fit. Women who have a large backside often have problem finding jeans that will fit perfectly and will also be fashionable. Online stores like Telegaleria and “Make you own jeans” allow you to dress fashionably and smartly while having the figure of your dreams.

Telegaleria offers one more option to online shoppers – the body shapers. Body shapers are basically apparels that will focus on one part of the body and will either enhance it or make it less visible according to your desire. Some popular body shapers include the “Instant tummy tuck” and the “Lipo suit”. Instant tummy tuck is designed in such a way that your tummy will be instantly flattened when wearing it. The lipo suit will decrease your size easily 2-3 dress sizes. There are also other options that you can consider according to your needs.

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How to Gain Weight to Get a Bigger Butt

Which women wouldn’t like to possess sexy curves around the hip and the butt area? Women gain weight but all in the wrong areas. There are a number of ways that you can direct your weight gain in specific areas of your choice so `that you get the desired effect of curves.

For gaining weight on your butts you should be focusing on the muscles of the buttocks called the “glutes”. If you have a slim backside and you want to get a  bigger butt, then you should consider learning a few exercises that focus mainly on the glutes. Glute-building exercises can be done by free weights, your own body weight or machines.

To gain weight on the derriere, compound exercises should be done rather than isolated exercise programs. Compound exercises will involve a larger group of muscles so that a proportionate amount of weight is gained not only on the buttocks, but also on hips so that the body does not get out of proportion. Compound exercises will also stimulate some hormones like the growth hormone that will help weight gain. how-to-gain-weight

Many women are afraid to try out compound exercises like dead lifts, pull-ups, pushups, bench press, chin ups and dips as they seem more masculine, but women can also try these exercises. It is very crucial, when you start a new exercise, to learn the correct form and technique of the workout. For this you will have to invest some money and time. A personal trainer or a proper professional trainer who will acquaint you with the correct technique and form of the workout. A little money spent is better than any exercise related injury that you may have and the money spent on the rectification of that injury.

It is also important that you know what exercise and diet will do to your body and how it will work in-depth. Diet is also important in gaining weight in just the right places. For getting a curvy body with rounded buttocks and sexily curved hips you should also pay attention what you are eating.

Women, who are ultra skinny or even skinny, need to eat more. The best way to consume more food is to eat frequently. Snacking is not so good for health, but healthy snacking can give you the extra weight that you want. Foods filled with nutrients and not just calories are good for gaining weight in the desired places. Wholesome meals with brown rice, pasta, raisins, milk, eggs, chicken, wholegrain bread, fruits, dark green leafy vegetables etc., will keep you not only satiated, but will also help you in gaining just the right amount of weight.

Junk food must be avoided at all times and as much as possible. Junk food is not good for health either. Wholesome food will make you gain weight faster and keep you healthy.

Another thing that you should keep in mind while trying to gain weight for sexy curves is a plan. A workout and diet plan will let you make a steady progress and you will know when you will be able to achieve what you want. You will also find different useful exercise equipment and other weight gain supplements in in our Bigger Butt Store, So go and check it out.

Black Venus the Origins of Bigger Butt Fashions

A caricature of Saartjie Baartman, called the ...

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Georgian England was a nation infatuated with the rear side of women. The society at that time was obsessed with the notion of a bum, arses, derrieres and anything even slightly referring to Bigger buttocks. This is the main reason why Sarah Baartman or Black Venus as she was called became famous and popular.

Exhibiting people of color was a tradition of the Western societies from the time they had come across the indigenous populations of Africa and the New World. Even Columbus from his return from the New World brought several Arawaks to the court of Queen Isabella in Spain. One of them was kept for display for two years in the court. Exhibiting humans that had non-white complexion reached its height in Europe and USA both in the form of “freak shows”, where “savages”, “freaks” and “natives” were exhibited like animals.

Human exhibition was a very profitable industry at that time. Natives were supposed to perform rites, rituals and their own ceremonies in front of audiences or they went about doing their daily chores while a number of people saw the whole thing as a spectacle.

Sarah “Saartjie” Baartman was brought from her native town in South Africa near Cape Town. She was from the Khoisan tribe. No one is completely aware of her real name as she was called with different names, the most renowned of which was “Hottentot Venus”. Hottentot in the modern days is considered as a deeply racist and offensive term, was then used for the people of the Khoi. Even the name “Saartjie” given to her by her own people is a diminutive of her birth name. She later became known as Venus Black or Venus Noire. The story of Sarah Baartman is very fascinating yet tragic.  She was actually tricked by the brother of her Dutch master to travel to London to acquire wealth and fortune.  It was when she came to London in 1810 that she knew the true intentions of Hendrick Cezar’s, the brother of her master. But it was too late for her and she never returned to her native homeland.

Because of her peculiar body parts, mainly her large derriere and extended labia minora, she was exhibited as a unique specimen of the human race to the crowds of England and France for the period of five years. The public was avidly fascinated by her large buttocks in particular. She was displayed as a specimen without any clothes on so that people could inspect her thoroughly.

After three years in England she was bought by a Frenchman who was an animal trainer. Here Baartman was kept in disgraceful and dreadful conditions. She was exhibited under animalistic and sexual conditions for a period of two years. When the public fascination of her body died down, she was dissolved in darkness. Baartman started drinking copiously and went in the business of prostitution for supporting herself.

After she died at the age of 26, due to various ailments, her body was dissected by some “pseudo scientists” who wanted to study female sexuality in the black women. They claimed that by studying her genitalia they can come up with answers for the appetite of sex in native black women. Her genitalia was also preserved and kept as a display at the National History of Museum in France. President Nelson Mandela requested the French government in 1996 to hand over Baartman’s remains so that they could be buried properly in her homeland. The French government fought over them for six years, before relenting, finally Sarah’s remains were properly buried in 2002 – 200 years after her death.

Vida Guerra Cuban Booty Beauty

A Cuban born American actress, singer and model Vida Guerra has made a mark in the entertainment industry. This popularity is not only because of her talent but also for one of her assets – her butt. She has twice received FHM’s “Best Butt Award” because of her curvy rear.

Vida was born in Havana, Cuba and then moved to New Jersey, America six years after she was born. She appeared in a number of music videos and attended fashion shows that modeled swim wear while she was growing up.

Vida’s first appearance that was notable was in 2002 in the U.S. edition of FHM magazine for a lingerie spread. As soon as she was published in the magazine, mails poured in from innumerable readers demanding more photos of Vida. As a consequence, she was called back for a photo shoot again and was named “Model of the Year” for FHM magazine in 2004.

Vida became more successful when she danced in Dave Chappelle’s show on comedy central. In 2003, a rap song dance for “Shake Ya Tail feather” also became a summer hit.

Guerra was also named as one of the FHM’s top 100 sexiest females. Her fame is mainly because of her greatest asset – her sexy butt. She received the best butt award of FHM because of it and she knows how to flaunt it. Guerra and women like her have changed the perception of the American society especially men on how to define beauty and what is sexy. The image of skinny models has been restored with voluptuous, curvy models and females in the media.

Vida was also in the highlights when she had a love relationship with the notable player of the rugby team New York Giants – Jeremy Shockey. The relationship, unfortunately, didn’t last long.

Skinny models had governed the media for a long time. But with diseases like anorexia coming into light, many women have abhorred the idea of dieting (rather starving) and cutting down on the pounds. This image is now almost restored in the American media thanks to women like Vida Guerra, who have the curves and are eager to flaunt them daringly.

Vida has produced her own swimsuits calendar and accompanying DVD for behind the scenes. She has also appeared in some music videos displaying her big booty. Thanks to Vida many women have considered getting their backsides pumped up. There are many videos for how to put on weight in just the right places so that you can get a hot booty. Many women also consider doing buttock surgery for enhancing their butts. Some prefer the safer side – using padded undergarments.

But life has not been always this good for Vida. She was constantly teased in school because of her being very skinny with a large derriere. She never imagined becoming a super model because of her big rump. Her annoyance turned into her biggest asset which has brought her great fame and popularity to this day.

Sarah Hubinger – Backyard Tales – Bigger Butt

Sarah Hubinger and her Backyard Tales

Sarah Hubinger lived in a small town in Germany. Being a teenager, she faced not the usual teenage problems like fighting acne and weight gain but the problem that her buttocks were larger then other girls. She spent her life hiding her rear from the public. The world changed for Sarah when she reached Chicago, America for her studies. She noticed people especially men staring at her butt – not in disapproval but in appreciation. She was surprised but very pleased when she got compliments for being curvy. Here was a crowd who considered her butt as an asset which was very unlike her hometown crowd in Europe where the perception of being sexy is a bit different.sarah-hubinger - big butt

When Sarah was living in Germany she often thought of having a liposuction surgery to reduce the size of her butt. She used to cover her backside by layering it in sweaters so that the attention could be diverted away from her big butt. When she came to America and got such nice compliments and catcalls from men and even some women she thought of penning down her experiences with having a big rear end. She wanted to pen down how the Americans felt about big butts and their obsession with them.

Sarah took interviews from girls who had bigger butts, a nutritionist who tells what food to take for getting a big backside, a plastic surgeon who performs buttock enhancement surgeries and booty-loving men. All these were compiled in a book with her personal experiences – Jiggles: Backyard Tales. She had penned down some of the funnbria-mylesy comments and compliments she got from guys in her first year at Chicago. Her friend and she joked about writing a book about these and the idea was finally implemented.

Sarah didn’t have much money for writing the book so she was helped by her mother in Germany and she also took loans from an agency in New York that helps women entrepreneurs. She also added a 30-minute DVD with her book in which she is interviewing people and an experiment with her showing off her booty and the comments and stares she gets being video-taped. The book is funny and sexy at the same time and gives a deep insight into what men think about the backside of a woman and how much it is appreciated with a bit of extra flesh on it.

Sarah is a radio-reporter and a producer by trade and these skills helped her in self-publishing her book. She got her interviewing skills by being a reporter as well. Sarah Hubinger is one of those women who are proud of possessing a big booty and encourages other women to do so as well. She is an expert in this subject and is called a “bootieologist”. She discusses the benefits of how a bigger backside can actually help you in not getting diabetic. She also discusses how you can achieve the look by using padded undergarments, plastic surgery, or the right exercises and eating the right kind of foods.

Celebrities with Bigger Butts Part 2

backyard-tales bigger buttSarah Hubinger in her book “Jiggles: Backyard Tales”, has given the world the history of the curvaceous rear side of the female body. Many men and women appreciate the fact of seeing the female body as voluptuous rather than the standard set by the skinny Runway models. More men, as Sarah asserts, admire the hefty rear of the women rather than the skinny butt cheeks. Men are afraid to say it out loud because of the standards and the norm of the society especially the North American society.

But in this decade this trend is changing as we see more and more of the Hispanic and African-American celebrities walk on the red carpet setting the trend of a plump booty. The pioneer among these women is no doubt Jennifer Lopez, popularly known as J-Lo. But we see many others in line with her.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles is one of those well known women. She just uses her name Beyonce as it is renowned in the circle of millions of fans. Her bottom caught the eyes of the rapper Jay Z and she appeared in just a leotard and heels for the shooting of one of her hit songs, “Single Ladies”.

Beyonce’s plump booty is her rare asset and has shaped up the opinion of how men will take voluptuous women any time rather than the skinnier, emaciated models and stars. Beyonce had coined the term “bootylicious”. Any man would love to see a low waist, tight jeans on a bigger butt rather than a skinny one.


Sarah Hubinger on left

Vida Guerra is another well known figure for her back side. Anyone who hears her name would first picture her luscious behind in their mind. To prove the point, Vida has won FHM’s Best Butt Award not just once but twice. The award won twice makes her one of the sexiest women in the minds of innumerable men and some women too as her butt is not one to be forgotten soon. Vida also does acting, singing and modeling but she owes her fame to her body rather than those talents.

Another woman on the list of having a big booty is Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin. An American actress, glamour model and a dancer, Coco is the wife of the rapper and actor Ice-T. She is constantly rumored to have her butt enhanced but has vigilantly asserted that her butt is her natural asset. She says that even as a child of twelve years she was named as “bubble butt” and her sister and best friend used to imagine her booty as a crystal ball to predict the future. One thing is for sure, whether enhanced or natural, many women would love to get booty like hers.

Women like Beyonce, Coco and Vida have shaped up the opinions of how men and especially North American men want their women to have bigger buttocks. Now it has become a trend seeing more voluptuous women rather than the skinny ones. This is also much better for the health of women in general. We see fewer cases of women trying to starve themselves so they can match the look of models.

Celebrity Women with Bigger Butts – Part 1

Hollywood shapes most of the fashions and trends that are followed by men and women worldwide. Not only the way the celebrities dress but also the way they maintain their weights and figures are religiously followed by fashion enthusiasts and die-hard fans around the world. Since the last decade the attention from skinny, thin models has been diverted to more voluptuous women. There has been a increased demand for bigger butts because of a few very popular celebrities.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Beyonce and Kim Kardashian have made a completely new image of how men especially in North America perceive and want their woman to be – not the skinny models we used to see but a curvy, voluptuous, attractive woman. The curviness is especially liked and appreciated in the rear end. Fashion has been accordingly molded. We see more low-waisted and form fitting tight jeans for women with a bigger buttocks that like to show them off also it looks alluring and very eye-catching.

Jennifer Lopez, or J-Lo as she is popularly known, is the pioneer in setting up a trend for a large booty. Hispanics and African-Americans have a natural tendency for having a large behind. It is also much appreciated and is very appealing for men in their cultures. Caucasians are not so welcoming in the idea of large buttocks, but with the advent of African-Americans, Latina and Hispanic celebrities in Hollywood the opinion has drastically changed. And thanks to J-Lo, the trend of seeing some big buttock women on the red carpet has been firmly set.

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer, dancer, record player, television producer and a fashion designer. J-Lo has Hispanic roots. She is also the judge on American Idol and shares her music knowledge to others. Because of such a dynamic personality J-Lo has influenced the masses in North America deeply and we can see many actresses, models and other celebrities trying to show off their curviness especially at buttocks level.

Lopez has launched her own clothing line named as J-Lo and also an accessory line. She is a true trend and fashion setter and many of new designs come in fashion magazines and are followed by innumerable fans.

Kim Kardashian is another celebrity that is highly appreciated and well loved by many fans especially men for her big rump. She has also been the main subject in rumors that she has had butt implants but Kim rejected all rumors and has asserted that her booty is 100% natural. She is a Hollywood socialite and a star of the hit TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Kim’s father is very powerful attorney in California and has many connections. She is not recognized because of her father only. She has been prominent in the last decade as one of the most gorgeous and stunning women. She also does acting and modeling and is a recording artist.

Kim along with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney released a jewelry line. This just goes to show on how much she has become a fashion symbol in today’s world. Having a healthy voluptuous body is more important to her and many other women , than having a body that has been under-nourished  and is similar to the fashion models of previous years.