Get a Bigger Butt with Silicone Implants

Some women might simply say that they want a rounder rear end while others may want hips that are firm and toned, but in most simple terms what all these want are bigger butts that look more appealing and sexy. We have seen various trends emerging and one of the most “in” trends these days is to have hips that are big and bulging out.bigger-butt-after-surgery Women are going crazy about bigger butts, as they were crazy about breast enlargement. The simplest way of making your butts look sexy is by wearing panties that have pads attached to it. The advent of cosmetic surgery has left pad bras and panties for only those who cannot afford to have the real feel and look of a bigger butt. Silicone implants are the latest cosmetic surgery that is being undertaken to make butts bigger and firmer looking.

It is an established fact that men are also more attracted to women with a bigger bust and booty, and hence it makes silicone implants inevitable for those who seek to gain attention of the opposite sex and wish to be called sexy and sensual. Silicone implants have been popular since 1990’s as they were initially used for breast enlargement and people actually achieved great results from it. But later on there were a lot of allegations made of these implants and were banned throughout USA, however in the year 2006 the ban was lifted as nothing could be proved against them.

Surely, silicone implants have amazing results that we will talk about, but these implants are not recommended for women under the age of 22, as there are high chances of developing infection.

  • Silicone implants are lightweight and hence even after surgery you feel real and natural, also there are less chances of feeling uncomfortable because of the implants. The thickness of these silicone pads lies between 0.75 to 1.25 inches.
  • Silicone implants in the buttocks is an expensive surgical procedure, but you can attain exactly the measurement that you wish your butts should be.
  • After the implant is done, you are no more required to wear padded panties, and you may walk around on  the beach in your tiniest bikini and expose your bigger and fuller butt. silicone-buttock-implant

Silicone implants surgery is a painful procedure and the patients are usually not allowed to sit or lie on butt for around 2 weeks, but after the recovery period, you  will enjoy life more because you attract more men with your sexy looking behind.  After the silicone implants  surgery your body will be as bootylicious and curvaceous as you have always wished to be.  All those who used to make fun of your flat buttocks will envy you, for having that sexy round booty and the overall great look. Therefore, the money and pain to undergo surgery is actually worth it as it will not only make your appearance more sexy and vivacious looking but will also enhance your confidence level.

Bigger Butt Surgery will Make You Look Sexy

Bigger Butt  is now better! Sick and tired of looking flat, can’t wear that dress that exposes your butt, hate you’re flat looking butt? Want to wear tight jeans that make people stare with envy, wondering how does she do it?  Well don’t worry now you can have bigger and firmer looking butt. A Bigger butt was considered a source of major concern for women and most would work out, run for miles or do anything and everything to lose that excess fat deposited in their butt. If you have a big butt already through genetics then you do not need to worry.beyonce-big-butt-jeans

The women and men that are concerned are the ones with flat buttocks, and the worst thing is no food or exercise will be able enhance your buttocks. Fat grafting surgery for butt has gained popularity over the last three years and has witnessed an increase by around 158%. Hollywood actresses including Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce , Vida Guerra, Kim Kardashian, and Coco  are all blessed with sexy round rump right below their waste line, but unfortunately all women are not as lucky as them. It looks extremely sexy when you have a small waste line and a big smooth round booty bulging far out. It drives men crazy to meet you, and other woman crazy for jealousy.

Fat grafting surgery is expensive, but then don’t women spend money on clothes and shoes that they think will make them look good. Then why not spent money in the right direbeyonce-butt-tight-jeansction and make your body perfect. Fat grafting surgery for buttocks will cost you around $3000 to $7000 depending on the size of booty you wish to have. The surgery itself is not painful as you will be given general body anesthesia, but it will start to hurt later on, and may for few weeks, or up to a months.  You will have difficulty sitting or lying on your back. But the short term discomfort is well worth the gain, all women envy others with amazing booty, so why not bear some pain and make all everyone envy you. The normal recovery time however for the butt augmentation surgery is around two weeks. The side effects include pain in the buttocks which can be controlled with the help of medication.

There are two types of butt implants. One is silicone implants and the other is fat grafting from donor areas fat injected into butt. The best and healthiest method of obtaining a bigger butt is through fat grafting,  in this process fat from different parts of the body is taken out. Areas like above the waist, stomach fat, love handles, back fat, basically anywhere you want it removed.  It is then purified and micro injected over a hundred times into your  buttocks to create a natural and smooth appearance.

Bigger Butts are now in your reach, start on your saving spree if you are frustrated with your flat looking appearance. If you want quick results without all the fuss of having to exercise, then this method will work for you. Fat grafting surgery not only makes your booty look sexy and bigger but will also help you in gaining confidence.

Pueraria Mirifica pills and creams make Butt and Breast bigger?

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Everyone has a desire to look beautiful and be up-to-date with fashion. Therefore, we adopt all sorts of fashion irrespective of the fact that it suits us or not. Previously, there was a trend for people to adopt a smart and skinny look whereas nowadays, trends have changed a great deal. Currently, there is an inclination of getting bigger butts by both males and females. The initiators of this sort of trend ar well-known personalities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Coco, Sophie Dee and other well known media entertainment artists.

As the technology has progressed, its progression has also played a huge role in the development of this trend. It has enabled people to fulfill all their desires without any fear. In other words, the longing to achieve a bigger butt has been made possible without the use of surgery. As a result, all those who are scared of surgeries can still do this without any problems.

Lately, various creams and medicines have been formulated to help people accomplish their goal of achieving bigger butts. This is all because of a natural element known as Pueraria Mirifica, which has been the prime ingredient of these medicines. These creams and pills have been made using various herbal ingredients and have been medically proven to have no side effects on the people applying it and is also said to be applicable on all skin types.

Science has proven that if this medication is applied properly, it is highly effective in enhancing women’s breasts and butts. Furthermore, Pueraria Mirifica pills and creams are also useful for other purposes such as skin tightening and relieving muscle pain, softening of skin and so on. However, it has to be noted that these pills and creams can be harmful if applied or taken in an inaccurate dosage. Similarly, females who are expecting are not allowed to use Pueraria Mirifica pills and creams. Therefore, before taking this medicine, it’s better to consult a doctor.  Alongside this, it is essential to perform some exercises to get those perfect butts. The exercises will not only help you get bigger butts but will also help shape them properly.

Some professionals believe that the objective of getting a bigger butt and breasts can’t be achieved through the use of medicines alone as they won’t deliver the desired result.  Therefore, only exercise, if done in an appropriate manner, will enable you to get a bigger butt. On the other hand, some professionals believe an appropriate use of both the things, that is the medicines and the exercises, are equally important.

The process of enlargement, when it is successful, takes a good deal of time for the results to show. Therefore, one needs to have a good deal of patience. Apart from this, it is also essential to develop a strong will for getting a bigger butt and breasts. In order to achieve what you want, you have to sacrifice something as everything has a cost,  therefore, this task also has a tradeoff. The only tradeoff here is the time that you need to invest to get a satisfactory outcome. Pueraria Mirifica pills and creams will not only give the perfect shape to your breasts and butts but will also give you the confidence to flaunt your body.

Best Jeans to Make your Butt Bigger

Wear the right jeans to make your butt bigger.

Can’t find the right jeans to make your butt  bigger. Well then why not make them from scratch yourself.  Enter! Custom made jeans at an affordable price. I should start out by saying that I decided to buy custom jeans because LB no longer carried my favourite ones.  I am from Europe and here it is more customary to get custom made clothing then in America. Most of all if you need them tweaked to find a tailor that does not charge an arm and a leg is rare.

When I first found out about make your own jeans I was sceptical, so after doing research which turned out to be quite bigger-butt-jeanspositive, decided to order a pair. From reading the reviews, it was also clear that the first pair of jeans rarely fit perfectly that some of them needed a little tweaking of any next order made.  I also see that many people placed more than one order so that was a good sign.

So I finally decided to go ahead and ordered the stone washed Brazillian jeans.  Which is an add on btw the way just that you know if want to get a pair for yourself.  So I  got the 12oz scrape washed denim stretch jeans and then added on the women’s  Brazilian style #135 to the jeans.  Because the jeans are custom, the initial jeans models for men and women are the same.  The photos just give you an idea how the fabric looks.  Any of the hundreds of styles can be tweaked to exactly the way you want it.  You can go for high waist jeans, to mid rise, to low rise, with regular pockets, zipper or button fly,  etc..

Anyway back to my experience, the jeans arrived after exactly 15 days. Which I think is not bad bigger-butt-jeans-frontconsidering they had to be made first to my specifications.  Now the important thing is the fit. I slid into them comfortably enough the stretchy denim material was snug across my hips and thighs, they fit nice and tightly over my butt as well, exactly the way I wanted. The top part was done perfect.   But alas like the other reviews there was need for tweaking. In the lengths.  The jeans were for some reason a tad bit long, by about 1.5 inches or about 4 cm too long.  I contacted them via their contact form and got a response from them in about 24 hours, and they informed that they always make them a bit longer because of initial shrinkage after  first time wash .  They advised me to wash them once and try them again,  which I then did. With a rather satisfactory result I might add.  They did shrink just enough so that if I wear any kind of heel  at all they are just perfect.

Go check them out here is a short video of their company below, and beneath  that you will find a link to go check them out yourself.

Custom Made Jeans for your Bigger Butt

Get Your Custom Made Bigger Butt Jeans Here

Bigger Butt Pills Reviews

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Bigger Butt Pills Review:

Now there are quite a few different bigger butt pills on the market. Which ones work and which ones don’t.  In this article i will talk about some of the different ones and what effects you can expect.

If you look at Kim kardashians website you see that there are ads for bigger bottom pills. Although Kim clearly has never used them for herself, because she has a very sexy big bottom naturally. Why is she endorsing it on her site if she is not using it herself….who knows.

Bigger Butts are becoming more and more fashionable. It started out with Jennifer Lopez shaking her huge booty  onstage, followed by many others. Just to name a few, Sofia Vergara, Kim kardashian, Coco, Salma Hayek,  Beyonce Knowles, Janet Jackson, and more.. Big butts ladies are in fashion.  It used to be called an insult to have a big rear-end, now more and more it is considered a desired look.

The result of this has caused the invention of butt implants, Bigger butt pills, sprays and creams. Yes these pills are the same as the breast enlargement pills. We recommend these pills as being an alternative to butt enlargement surgery.  Can the pills all by themselves give a nice round butt as Kim Kardashian’s ?….No they can’t.  But if you use them in conjunction with a healthy eating habits and the right kind of exercises then…. Yes they can.

What do butt pills do? They stimulate the muscles and tissues in your butt.  The increased stimulation causes more blood flowing to that area to which encourages muscbigger butt pillsle tissue growth providing you eat sufficiently and work that butt out.

The pills that we have seen as being the most effective on our  past customers have ben the ones based on Pueraria Mirifica or L-Tyrosine and Maca. Both which you can buy on our shopping page. Maca is a hormonal balancer that helps, stabilize your homones to allow your body to place fat and weight gain on your bottom, hips and thighs, which is where the female body naturally stores extra weight.

Another problem that you may face is that you will have a hard time to find clothes that fit the much large bottom .  You will have a much harder time to get a pair of jeans to fit nicely, and the jeans will always be very tight fitting in the seat area.  There are solutions available online, though and previous customers once they had their bigger butt had success with. There is a website called (you can click the advertisement banner at the bottom of this page to get there).  Once your butt is as big as you want it to become, take careful measurement of yourself as described on their website and then select a jeans style customize it accordingly, and have them send you a pair.

In conclusion butt pills do work. They won’t give you the bigger butt like you would be able to achieve with surgery, but the larger size and better definition that comes as a result of taking them, Will get you lots and lots of attention from lingering looks and jealous friends. With your new bigger Butt.. Careful when crossing the street so that you don’t cause too many accidents!

Bigger Butts are Beautiful ….What are you doing to get yours.

Bigger Butt with Maca?

Is it possible to get a Bigger Butt with Maca ?maca bigger butt farming

Maca is a root vegetable that is grown in the high Andes of Bolivia and Peru. This root vegetable has been cultivated since Inca times. The people of Bolivia and Peru enjoy it because of it’s power as an aphrodisiac, hormonal balancer and energy enhancer. When the conquering Spaniards became aware of the value and virtues of Maca roots they immediately started exporting it to Spain.

Maca has been growing for thousands of years in the high Andes at altitudes of up to 12000 feet, in conditions where other plants can not survive at all. Wherever Maca grows it strips the soil of it’s nutrients, that is part of the reason why the root boasts of such a high concentration of essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

How to consume Maca? In Peru Maca roots are dried and ground up into a flour like substance. Maca is considered a food or an additive to food.  To use raw Maca powder, it may be added  to blender, or to drinks, cookies,  cakes and chips. That is why we offer the Maca in raw powder and as well as capsules in our store.
Can you grow your butt bigger with Maca? The answer is yes you can grow a bigger butt. Is the only thing you need take is Maca and your butt will become bigger? No . First lets talk about what you need to get a bigger butt.  You need to gain weight in an area that consists of fatty tissue and or muscle tissue.

Now I will tell you right off the bat that some people are born with it.  Generally this body type you will find in Central and South Native Latin American and African American peoples.  Also people of mixed race that get their genetic composition from either of these two races. From my experience as a personal trainer, these groups of people also had the easiest time to gain weight on their buttocks area, with only a bit of effort required.

How does Maca fit in with this. Maca will contribute to your hormone levels. Women generally store fatty tissue on their thighs bmaca pillsutt and hips. If your body is not doing that then there may be a chance that you have a hormonal imbalance. Often times women with a hormonal imbalance will have a boy like body, lacking any kind of curves whatsoever. Maca to the rescue! Maca Root will help you get your hormonal system balanced again, and through this your body will naturally start adding fatty tissue on the buttocks where it belongs.

Of course Maca can not substitute good eating habits and regular exercise. But you are on the right path by tackling your hormone problems first. The only side effect that Maca Root can give is that it can increase your sexual libido considerably.

To get more tips on what to do login into the member area here.

Bigger Butt healthy eating choices

Weight loss gurus abound spread all over the internet giving no shortage of information of how to get rid of excess pounds. Unfortunately a small group of the population would gladly take those extra pounds. Especially when it would provide then with a more dynamic look and a Bigger Butt.

The problem with gaining weight in specific areas can be categorized into two different areas. Either the woman or man has difficulty gaining wieght all over their body, because they have a high metabolism. Or they have gained plenty of weight but in unwanted areas.

Even if you can not gain weight does not mean that you can eat whatever you want. You body type might be able to metabolize fat very quickly, albeit generally as you get older that will slow down, doesn’t always mean they can metabolize artery clogging fat. As you create a plan for gaining weight you should choose the right content. There are four calories per every gram of protein and carbohydrate and nine per every gram of fat. So when making your selection this should be kept in mind.

If you condition is one of high metabolism , then the idea to gain weight in the Butt area is to overload your system and slow it down. The best way of doing this is to consume more daily calories then your body normally burns. You will have to consume an extra 500 or 1000 calories a day. As I mentioned above that does not mean you have to binge in an unhealthy fashion , on krispy cream donuts, which will likely leave your skin breaking out in zits etc… Deep sea fish such as salmon, halibut, and cod are high in healthy fats (calories), as well as protein. High caloribigger-butt-foodse and heart friendly olive oil can be used instead of vegetable or canola oil. Vegetables like avocados are fattening and flavourful. Also any kind of nut or seed is a healthy choice and a good source of energy.

If you condition is more excessive weight in the wrong areas and you want to shift that weight to your butt then there are plenty of videos in the member area that teach you want to do. Of course eating healthy is still required regardless of condition.

As conclusion to this article a sample meal might include a portion of lightly fried halibut (in olive oil), a baked sweet potato, a couple of slices of bread, and a dessert of pudding or yogurt. Three to five meals should be eaten daily with regular snacks. A meal such as this provides the necessary fat, proteins and carbohydrates.