Ass Traffic

Now asstrafffic is a little different then the other sites in that it is not necessarily an ass site but more like a Anal site with really hot asses in it. The main feature which has allowed Ass Traffic to stand out from all the other anal sites is the sheeer quality that is being offered to the the members. Ass traffic also has always had a good reputation on regular member updates.

A decided fringe benefit is that you don’t only get to see anal on Ass Traffic, but also there are tons of videos with double penetration. The ultimate in pornographic fornication, a bitch getting it from both ends, which allows for the most intense of scene ending facials. You get to watch and hear while these chicks let their orifices be completely filled. Tag teamed fucked, where swapping sides means a whole other thing. Lot of double penetration action here as well, if that turns your crank.

Ass Traffic shoots its own videos without scripts or condoms just with truly hot and horny babes getting butt good. A shiny new slut each and every week. Nothing will come between you and these anal angels since all movies are fully downloadable in average MPEG video clips and incredible-looking Windows Media full-length versions.

As is often the case, the video caps are pretty blurry in places since freeze-framed action is never as sharp as doing some professional stills. However, the site compensates for this by also providing a set of crystal clear photos along with each video. This is rare indeed, as most video sites only give the crappy video caps.

The only thing I would recommend is to not sign up for the trial membership cause you will feel annoyed that that you only will have access to some of the clips and videos. The chicks are gorgeous and the quality of the content is top-notch. This is hardcore ass fucking at its best

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