Air Climber for a Bigger Butt

Air Climber is a great workout for you Butt! Maximize the girth of your glutes and thighs. Bigger Butt Training exercise equipment. With every step air flows from pedal to pedal, inflating the bellows and eliminating jarring impact to your joints. This same air power also helps you work out. It lifts your legs to keep you moving, and helps you get results faster than you ever thought possible.

The simple, yet brilliant Air Climber System is developed by Brenda Dygraf, U.S. Aerobic Champion. She’s the world-renowned fitness expert who’s starred in over 150 fitness videos and devoted her life to helping millions get and stay in shape.
“A lot of you are like me, we suffer from sore joints. That’s why I developed the Air Climber System. Finally, a workout machine that uses a soft cushion of air to dramatically reduce pounding impact to your joints. Plus, its air power technology actually lifts your legs and helps you work out.”

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